There is no end, there is just this continuum happening where change is always happening now

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There is no end, there is just this continuum happening where change is always happening now. This continuum is constant and the only thing that is for sure is change. It never ceases to happen. There is no such thing as a moment in time happening exactly the same. So, here as change happens, there is a law for things to continue to change. There is rebirth, living, destruction and death. As things come into existence, at the same rate of entering, there is the same pace of exiting. Things and beings come into form and then out of form. It's like a huge ice cream cone in the sky that keeps melting and melting but yet, there comes more ice cream. To know the end, you must stop eating that damn ice cream cone and go deep into the caverns of the mind and witness those areas of self that you never ventured into. I can't tell you how to do this for it is different for each being. But what I know from experience is that the end is really no end but a movement from form to formless and in the formless there is no need in being reintroduced to form again unless you desired it in your shifting. Then, you will go back into form. Such is the case with flowers on the stem. You are a flower and the flower dies while the stem keeps on living. Then more flowers come and more die all the time. They will continue until the whole bush dies. So is the case with the entire world. It is the entire jungle and all the beings are it's ever blooming flowers. We are the same flowers coming and going all the time.

It's almost like a trap, you just keep coming into existence and entering existence with absolutely no remembrance of anything before age 2 or 3 or your very conception. Like being born into amnesia. Regain your memory and you will know the end. It's the same story over and over again and again. Change. There really is no end, there is just entering and leaving. So, there is this wheel that keeps spinning and you are like water, you rise in formless and fall back into form again and go through this cycle over and over and over. So, at some point, we learn about this wheel and decide, we will get off this thing because it makes you dizzy. Then you become stable in mind and in life and in your going when the shift comes for your formless state. You go with ease.

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